December 5

Around the world we go!

Kleiner Globus vor weißem HintergrundCreative Commons License Marco Verch via Compfight

Hello readers! Today I’ll be traveling around the world with you today! Well not literally, I’m just writing this at school, but whatever. Anyway, today I’ll be talking about traveling, as you can tell. This is going to be so fun, Enjoy!


Where I’ve traveled:

I’ve been to many different places even out of the country, but I’ll start from near me to farther away. Well I live in the united states, so I’ve been to Tennessee, which is near me, I’ve also been to Ohio. Going up North, I’ve been to Connecticut, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and New York. Going back down to the Southern area, I’ve been to Florida which had to be one of my favorite trips. Going West, I’ve been to Illinois, and Nevada. The even more south to Hawaii, which is so amazing! Now going out of country, I’ve been to Paris, which is in France, and India. Those trips were so fun!


Where I want to travel:

I honestly want to go to Hawaii, Florida, Illinois, Paris, and India all again, they had to be some of the best trips ever. I’d also like to go to Australia, I’ve always been interested in it. England is also a place I would love to travel to, it’s so amazing. I enjoy going out of the country, I love taking the plane. A lot of people say they don’t like to fly, but honestly I have an imagination that makes it seem so fun! You can find fun out of something any where!


Packing Pro Tips:

Honestly, these aren’t “pro tips”, but it was catchy, so let’s just go with it. Anyway, when traveling you need to pack efficiently, especially when out of the country. You won’t believe the times I’ve forgot to bring a hairbrush! It was a complete nightmare, my hair was a tangled mess! It still gives me shivers! Anyway, that story just tells you to bring a hairbrush. Let’s go over what your essentials are, first you’ll need a hairbrush obviously, next you need chargers (yes multiples, like maybe 2-3), hair ties, tooth brush, toothpaste, bathroom stuff, and a book. If you’re riding a plane you’ll probably have a carry on, so here’s my advice, the suitcase with your clothes and bathroom things should go on the plane, and your carry on goes with you. Now with your carry on, you should pack some things you will need. In your bag you’ll need a purse to hold your money, which you should bring. Your phone which you already know, along with the chargers I talked about earlier. A travel size toothbrush and toothpaste if a trip which you’ll sleep through. Earbuds for many reasons. Activities are one of the most important, so that you won’t get bored. You should also pack snacks in case. Last, when you get to the hotel, or where ever you’re staying, use the closet. I repeat, USE THE CLOSET, you won’t believe how messy it get’s keeping everything in your suitcase.

Here are some tips if I didn’t mention every thing-

16 of the best packing tips

What to pack


 Traveling is one of my favorite things, I’d love to go to new places. Have you ever been out of the country? Where would you like to travel? Comment down below! Can’t wait to read them!

December 4

MJG Pet Fashion Show! Part 2

Image result for puppiesPicture link

Hello everyone! If you read my last MJG Pet Fashion Show post then you know it’s for my 20% project! If you have not read it, then I encourage you too! Link is at the bottom of the page! Anyway today I’ll be telling you about one of our accomplishments and our goals for December!


We have recently decided who our models will be! Which is great because we soon have to start planning! We’ll also have to make a schedule of times for the fashion show! We also have an idea to have a break in the middle with live performances! So that will be really cool! We’re getting closer, so we need to get a lot done by then!  


December Goals:

   Our goals are to get a place to have the show, and to find or create some outfits for the show! I’m actually designing some too! I’m really exited! My designs have to be done by January! So I’ve got some work to do! Maybe you guys will be able to see one of them eventually! 


   So now you know our accomplishments and goals! I cant wait for it! Its coming closer by the minute! See ya later guys! By the way, here’s the link to my other blog post: 



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November 28

My favorite Holidays!

Hello everyone, today you will be reading a post about some of my favorite holidays. I’ll also be telling you some traditions along the way. I love the holidays, don’t you?


Let’s start from the beginning of the year, New Year’s Eve/ New Year’s Day. That has to be one of my favorite holidays of the year. It’s the time of year where we celebrate for another, which is really fun. For traditions one of my favorite things to do is to make a bucket list of what I want to accomplish in the next year, but trust me, there will always be one or two not done by the end of the year. Another tradition is that  stay up till 12 pm just to watch the ball drop, but I’ve never been to times square on New Year’s Eve in person, so I hope that one day I will be able to.


Next has to be Halloween, the holiday with all the scares. I love Halloween, and of course I love wearing costumes too. I especially love wearing them to school where I get to see my friends costumes too. Plus the Halloween songs make it even better, but the candy makes it even better! I love being scared, around Halloween I would start watching scary videos and stuff, but the only problem with that is I can’t sleep at night after watching that stuff! Anyone else feel that way?  I always go trick-or-treating with my friends and my sister, and we get a lot of candy.


Image result for gingerbread menThis is where the picture is from

Last has to be, Christmas! It’s also really close too! First let’s start with the songs, which I love! I also love to sing jingle bells. The lights are also beautiful, I love driving past houses and admiring the lights. I also love the treats and presents, but I also spending time with my family. One of my favorite traditions is to watch one of my favorite movies, every year my mom, sister and I sit down together to watch Good Luck Charlie’s Christmas movie. Another tradition is doing a Santa tracker, me and my little sister stay up all night tracking Santa, it’s so fun! I also love decorating and making my own crafts!

Here are some fun links:

60 Christmas crafts

Christmas Baking Ideas


Those are all of my favorite holidays, but one special one is coming closer! Christmas! Anyway, comment down below some of your favorite holidays and why you enjoy them or a Christmas story of your own! Can’t wait to see them! Until my next post, Bye!

November 14

MJG Pet Fashion Show!

Hi guys, I have an interesting post today, and I hope you enjoy it!

My group and I are doing a Pet Fashion Show to raise money for an animal shelter.

I am super exited about having the fashion show, but I’m also worried, and a little frustrated. I would love to have fashion show, and I’m extremely exited. We’ll also have dogs with us! It feels great to help someone, but also put it some fun with it as well. I’m a little worried though, what if we don’t succeed? What if it’s all a big fail? But we don’t want to think bad thoughts, but I’m also a little frustrated. It so much work in so little time! So over all it’s more exited then the rest. I’m happy about that. I can’t wait to have this fashion show!

This November we need to find a place to have the fashion show soon. Our major goals for the year are to find a place to have the fashion show, have dogs to do the fashion show, have the fashion show, and raise money for the animal shelter! Over all though, have a great time doing it.

See my Visual Aide for more information.

I hope you enjoyed this post, keep reading my blog for more updates on my project! Until next time guys!

November 12

My School Day!

Happy November everyone! Now we all know that fall is ending soon, so that got me thinking. School starts in fall, so why don’t I tell you about my school day! In my last post I told you my expectations v.s reality, now I’ll tell you what happens during the day! It’s sort of like a part two! I hope you’ll all enjoy!

Image result for backpack with booksThis is the link to the picture

This is my regular day at school:

When it’s not the weekend, I have school. Big surprise, right? First thing I do is wake up and all that stuff, then I get on the bus. That’s when the school day officially starts, on the bus. Sometime while I’m on the bus I’ll remember something that I forgot, but there is nothing I can do. I usually pull out my phone and text my friends. When we get to school we have to go to the gym until we’re dismissed, so it gives us a chance to hang out with our friends that are in different families. When we’re finally dismissed we head to our lockers, I love my locker, I used to dream about having one when I was little. It’s weird, I know. Anyway, I get what I need and I put away my backpack. Then I head to homeroom, which is also my social studies class as well, we usually do Rosetta Stone there. Then after announcements  I head off to first period, which is PBL, it’s really fun and interesting. Then I head off to 2nd period which is science, it’s not my favorite but I enjoy it every now and then. Then third period, which is math, don’t really know what to say about it though, I mean it’s math. Then 4th is ELA, I’ve always loved literature, so it’s one of my favorite classes. After I have 5th period which is my favorite, I’ve always been good at it for some reason. Then it’s lunch, it’s probably the closest thing to recess. Then I have 6th and 7th which change every 7 weeks. Then I go home unless i’m staying after school. And that’s my day!  

Now you know my school DAY , but what about my year? Well i’m not a fortune teller, but I do know a little bit of whats going to happen.

Image result for year calendar cartoonThis is the link to the picture

What might happen in the year:

I’m not a fortune teller, but exiting stuff will happen. First of all, I’m doing a project (20% project), where we have to come up with an idea that can help our community somehow. My group chose to do a pet fashion show to raise money for an animal shelter. This will probably take place in February, so keep reading my blog to get more info on that. We also had dance every month, we just recently had our glow dance! It was amazing! Other then that I don’t know what the future holds for me, but I hope it’s good.

So now you know more about my school life! Keep on reading my readers, because in every post, you may find out something new about me! Until next time!

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November 6

Is middle school what I thought it would be?

  Hi guys, today I get to write a post about any topic I want! So I chose what I thought middle school was going to be like, and what it’s actually like. I hope yo enjoy, and can maybe understand what I’m writing today.

Image result for school bell

As a fellow Dork Diaries reader, I thought middle school would be so different then it actually is. I thought we were going to have a bell, but we don’t, which is a little weird. In the books it shows that there is so much drama, and that the classes are all scattered. Well there honestly isn’t much drama, and all of our classes are together. But what about what I myself thought? Is it easier then I thought it was going to be? Is it as fabulous as I thought it was going to be? How do I feel about waking up like 2 hours early? I’m going to answer all of those questions today.

Well first I’m going to begin with what I thought it was going to be like. I thought we would get so much more freedom, we would be able to do stuff on our own. We were going to be with random people, not families. All of our classrooms would be all around the school,but there not. I thought we were going to get more time at our lockers than we actually do, and that we could have a free period. I imagined sitting where ever I wanted during lunch. I thought that it was going to be filled with a LOT of drama, which there is none. Most of these did not come true.

Let me tell you what middle school is actually like. We are still told where to go and when, instead of figuring it out n our selves. We only get to hang out with the people in our family, so you have a chance of you to never see your best friend again. You don’t get to sit with them either since you also have to sit with your family. All of our classrooms are together in the same hallway, I thought there was going to be more walking. We get only like 3 minutes to get to our locker, get stuff in and out of our locker, and get to class. That is so not enough time for me. I read a guide on middle school and it said that we would get a free period which I wish I had. Last, no drama at all, which is super crazy because middle school is the time where most drama is supposed to happen. So that is what middle school is actually like than what I thought.


Are you starting middle school soon? Or want advice? Check out these two websites:  

Survive Middle School

10 truths middle schoolers should know

I’m not sure if you would understand or not, a lot of middle schools are different. Middle school is also pretty great, with no drama I have so many friends. They are what help me threw my rough day, and you’re my friends too. So I bid you a good goodbye. Until next time my readers!





November 3

Story Time My Darlings!

Welcome back my darlings! I see you weren’t frightened by my last post, but we still have to see about this one! 

Activity 3:

Circle of Beautiful DiamondsCreative Commons License Public Domain Photography via Compfight 

This picture reminds me of a story of these three girls who were gymnasts, they all lived in L.A, California. There had been a chain of robberies going around town, what was being stolen exactly? Jewels, jewels that when all combined they could cause great chaos. They were training for states, they were pretty good except they weren’t as good as Stacy. Anyway, these three girls were, Taylor, Scarlett and Victoria. They were so caught up in beating others, that they didn’t truly believe in them selves. One day when they finished practice early, they went up to the Hollywood sign to have a picnic. They were extremely tired so they knew they needed a break, but what they didn’t know was that this picnic would change their lives for ever.

” Uh, what a day, I just want to close my eyes and never open them again” said Victoria tiredly. Taylor pulled out a marker, smiling widely.

” Great! We can draw a mustache  on you then” she kidded. Scarlett broke out in laughter, her face had even turned red. She almost fell over when she hit the Y in the Hollywood sign. It open up like a door (which it was), inside was something they had never seen before. A spy agency….

I’m really sorry guys, but I’ll have to leave it at that for now. But now I encourage you to finish my story, and I will read some of them! I’ll leave a URL in my next post for other readers to read your ending! Happy storytelling my Darlings!

Here is my URL:

Activity 4: A story with no words


 One World Trade Center, New York ~ April 2017Creative Commons License Sjoerd Lammers Photography via Compfight

 Svartguld glitterAfter Sales via Compfight

Real snowflake macro photo: EmeraldAlexey Kljatov via Compfight

Echinacea (Explored October 9, 2017)Creative Commons License Anne Worner via Compfight

Can you figure out my story? It’s difficult isn’t it? Well let me know what you think it is in the comment’s. Until next time my darlings!

November 3

Comment Challenge

I love the way you wrote about your avatar and how it symbolizes you. Very detailed on how your avatar looked, but I would like to read more on how it symbolizes you on the inside. I would also like to read about the background, I was guessing it was a Paris themed background. I didn’t see that background, wish I had. Other then that amazing. I have a question though, when did you start having an interest in singing?

The person I commented on’s blog:

I chose to read this person’s blog because she is one of my best friends, she is always super nice to me. Her blog post was also amazing to read as well, and I even found out something I didn’t know about her before. That’s why I encourage you to read her blog.

I can relate to her by the fact that I dressed my avatar in some of my favorite colors as well. She also added details on how she designed, and some of those things relate to me. Like how she she has a microphone in front of her, and how that relates to her, (I don’t sing though). You’ll just have to read her post if you want to know what i’m talking about.

I left the comment I wrote because I wanted to know more about how it symbolized her on the inside as well. Again read it for your self, you wont regret it. Her post is amazing, if you were wondering which post it is, it is the avatar post.

I hope you join the comment challenge and i also hope you will read my friends blog, have a wonderful day my darlings! 



October 24

What time is it? HALLOWEEN!

A Merry Hallowe'en, postcard by Ellen Clapsaddle, 1911 Tom Simpson via Compfight

Activity 1: copyright

We all have at least heard of copyright before. Well you should know that copyright is when someone  has a right for their work to not be copied unless the credits have been written or you have gotten permission to use that persons work. If you would like to use something such as a picture off of the Internet, give the owner credit.


Activity 2: A poem about Halloween

Hello Halloween!

In this picture I see a black cat,                                                                                                                                                                  lying in a lonely pumpkin,                                                                                                                                                                     the pumpkin smiling widely,                                                                                                                                                                    their looking happy together.

 These are just two things in Halloween,                                                                                                                                                 there are more things then just that,                                                                                                                                                     such as trick-or-treating, scares, costumes and falling leaves,                                                                                                             so we bring in with open arms- Halloween!


Happy fall my darlings! So let us all with big open arms, bring in frights, sights, and vampire bights! Halloween! Mwa ha ha ha!



October 9


            This is my avatar, and I’m going to tell you how it represents me. First lets talk about what hits your eye first . The color of course! Well I guess you can tell blue is my favorite color, and it has been since I was in 3rd grade. The next thing that would have probably caught your eye would be my face, so lets start with hair then. I almost always wear a pony tail, its comfy, stylish, and easy. Then there is makeup, I don’t usually wear makeup (I mostly just wear lip gloss), but I decided to put it on my avatar anyway. I am always smiling, so I had to put a smile in there! Last there is what I am wearing, I love fashion, but comfy and stylish is what I go for always.

                                      That’s all physical stuff though, how does it represent me? Well I love wearing bright clothes, so that I can pop, and just stand out in the crowd. Then my smile, a life full of smiles is a life full of joy. I like to keep my eyes wide open, to keep out for new adventures. I love my avatar, it just so amazing, an it’s so me. That is my avatar.

This is where I created my Avatar- Face My Manga